Vision & Mission


  • To provide holistic education that enhances cognitive, emotional, physical, social and spiritual learning.
  • To make students academically competent, innovatively creative, socially aware and self developing.
  • To enable students to Broaden their vision and Deepen their roots by equipping them with our unique methodology which imbibes in them , appreciation towards our culture & values and those of other nations too.
  • To provide students with modern tools as well as the moral and spiritual strength needed to face the challenges of the modern world and thus evolve into society conscious global citizens.


  • To inculcate in each student a deep rooted respect towards all, and to have a character full of virtues.
  • To have SSRVM schools in each district of India where learning is inspirational and fun and a sense of belongingness is created.
  • To establish institutes of higher education in each state of India, which shall become centers of excellence in knowledge and research across various fields of study where each student achieves the highest level of professional and personal ability so as to serve the needs of local, national and global economies.

Here, learning is an individual process for each student and information is imparted at the realm of experience, while enhancing human values of love, friendliness, compassion, caring and sharing. Regular curriculum is offered in such a joyful and stress-free manner that the child actually looks forward to going to school.